11 Stocking Stuffers every Traveler Needs

Stocking stuffers should be the favorite part of every travelers Christmas morning, besides a delicious breakfast. You know why? Because I have never met a traveler that doesn’t love finding that oh so perfect travel accessory that fits snugly inside their shoe taking up less room inside their bag. Because finding ways to save space, yet still have everything I need is my favorite. And because opening a bunch of little presents is way more fun than opening one big one – unless that one big one is a new computer (hint, hint hunny.)

Here are 11 stocking stuffers every traveler needs.

1. Sawyer MINI Filter

As many of you may know, I hate one-use plastic water bottles. I don’t buy them at home and I do everything in my power to not buy them while I’m traveling. That is why I love my Sawyer MINI water filter. It is always in my carry-on so I don’t have to buy water in airports and is so small and lightweight I barely notice it’s there.

The MINI removes 99.99999% of bacteria, such as salmonella, cholera and E.coli. In addition it also removes 99.9999% of protozoa like giardia and cryptosporidium.

This is the perfect stocking stuffer for any traveler who is environmentally conscious and is always on the go.

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2. All-in-One Travel Adapter

When traveling, it is a pain in the butt to carry a bunch of different plugs. It takes up space you don’t have and then you never have enough spaces to connect to. On my recent trip to Antarctica, my roommate had this exact travel adapter and she swore by it.

This amazing stocking stuffer is perfect for travelers because it is compatible for over 150 countries; working in United States, Canada, Europe, UK, China, France, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Ireland, Africa, Singapore, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, to name a few. In addition to a plug it also has 2 USB connections making it easy to charge all your electronics.

3. Petzl Actik Headlamp

No matter where I’m going I always have a headlamp. Whether I’m on the trail and it gets late or I’m in an area with questionable power, I’ll never be without a light. Even when you’re not on a trail, having a headlamp is an important piece of emergency gear.

Over the past 8 years I’ve only had 2 headlamps and they’ve both been Petzls. They’re lightweight and only need 3 AAA batteries to run. This headlamp fits in the palm of your hand. There are very few flashlights with the power that this one has that are smaller.

4. TravelFlips Language Flashcards

Strolling through my local bookstore with the Nanny Kids recently I came across a box of flash cards for common Spanish words and phrases in side. Because I’m trying – and kind of failing due to my own language learning downfalls – to learn Spanish I picked them up.

Travel Flips have definitely helped me pick up a few more words and phrases! The best part; they come in 6 languages – Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, German and Italian. And with 60 flashcards inside this will help any traveler on their next trip.

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5. Buff Neck Gaiter

It’s not secret that I love Buff. I have been using their products for years and never go on a trip without at least one. The original Buff neck gaiter is an essential item for any traveler and would be an amazing stocking stuffer.

Buffs can be worn around the neck, covering the ears, as a headband, a hat, and I frequently wear them around my neck and puff it up to cover my ears and chin. They are extremely versatile as well as small and easy to wash. Plus they come in so many different styles!

6. Kavu Fanny Pack

If you don’t like fanny packs I don’t know what to tell you. I have been wearing them for years and are great to wear from the amusement park to the trails. Small enough to hold your wallet essentials and camera and big enough to carry that emergency Mickey Mouse poncho, just in case it rains.

I’m loving the Kavu fanny pack because of how it clips. Most fanny packs have a plastic buckle that can be easily undone and someone can run off with it. But Kavu put a small carabiner on the back to make theft of your bag more difficult. Genius! If there is a better stocking stuffer for a traveler I don’t know what it is!

7. Sea to Summit Sleeping Pad

I know your first thought it a sleeping pad is a stocking stuffer?!? Yes! This pad, when rolled up – and it is easy to do – is smaller than a nalgene bottle. I take this sleeping pad on every trip I’m on and keep it in my carry on. I have been stuck in some airports for overnight layovers and it is perfect for sleeping in airports. It has also saved me on uncomfortable hostel beds that need some extra padding. Sea to Summit makes some amazing products and I’ve been using their stuff since I first started traveling over 8 years ago.

8. Pendleton 3 Pocket Wristlet

Not into fanny packs? No worries, I’ve got you covered. Wristlets work just a good if you know the traveler that needs to have their hand on their important belongings.

Taking a little walk through the market or making a run to the grocery for a snack? Everything you’ll need will fit inside this super cute Pendleton wristlet and it stores well whether it be in a suitcase or a stocking.

9. LifeProof iPhone Case

For your hardcore travelers or your clumsy adventurers the Life Proof phone case is a MUST! I have dropped and stepped on my phone. It has been subjected to freezing cold temperatures and one of the Nanny Kids accidentally dropped my phone in a river. Through all of that, my phone survived.

If you know a traveler that doesn’t have a Life Proof case, get it for them. They come in lots of colors and protects a phone like no other case I’ve ever had. This is one of the best stocking stuffers I’ve ever recieved!

10. Travel Scarf with Secret Pocket

Scarves are always a good gift. I may or may not have too many scarves. A few years ago the Nanny Kids got my the scarf in the picture above. The best things about this scarf is it has a zipper pocket hidden in it. The pocket is a perfect fit for my passport and my phone.

When going through security I have my passport out and trying to put it in a secure place while going through the scanner can be a challenge. This scarf makes it easy to tuck both my passport and phone away. Then I put it back on after. Plus it’s super cute and comes in a bunch of different colors and designs!

11. Sea to Summit Dry Sack

Every traveler needs a dry sack. I keep one in my day pack just in case it rains. Everything stays dry and if I’m not using it, it folds up and lays flat. I’ve been through a lot of stuff stacks and I’ve found that the Sea to Summit ones are durable and last a long time. These are perfect for stocking stuffers and come in all different sizes.

Which of the stocking stuffers do you want to receive? Let me know in the comments.

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 11 Stocking Stuffers every Traveler needs

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