Starting Seedlings Indoors using Recycled Materials

Springtime has finally come to Vermont which means it’s time to think about starting seedlings indoors. This is the first step to getting my garden ready for the summer. Since I’m working towards being more eco-friendly think year I’m only using recyclable materials to start them. This is a super easy activity to do with your kids which can grow into a long term project.

Starting Seedlings Indoors

Materials to use for Starting Seedlings Indoors

This project is super easy to start and the materials are minimal. Here is everything you’ll need to start your seedlings.

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Starting seedlings indoors is easy, but does require a little bit of love. Using recyclable materials to plant the seedlings in reduces waste and is free!

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Using Egg Cartons as Planters

This year I’m starting my seedlings indoors using egg cartons. I saved them after I finished my eggs. And the best part is when they’re big enough I just cut up the sections and plant them directly in my garden. Egg cartons decompose and add a little something to the soil.

How to make Newspaper Plant Pots

Everyone has newspapers around the house or knows a place to get them. These super easy to make plant pots are perfect for starting seedlings indoors. Not only are they free, but they can be planted directly in the ground once they’re ready to be replanted.

This video will help you make your newspaper plant pots so you can start your seedlings indoors.

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Caring for your Seedlings

Starting seedlings is easy, but does require a little bit of love.

Seeds should be kept in a warm place, warm not hot, where they have access to some sunshine. Without sunshine, they won’t grow.

Use the spray bottle to keep the seeds moist. Don’t overwater them or they’ll rot, and you won’t get anything to grow.

When the seedlings become about an inch tall and it’s consistently warm outside you can replant them. If the recyclable materials you used to plant the seeds in are decomposable you can plant them directly in your garden outside.

How did starting seedlings indoors go? Let me know in the comments.

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