How to Support my Appalachian Trail Hike

On March 21st I’m getting on a train to Georgia, well, technically it’s 2 trains, but you get the picture! Over the past few weeks, as the end of March gets closer and I finalize my gear, so many of you have been asking me how can I support your Appalachian Trail hike? So here are a few ideas I’ve come up with both big and small.

Click one of my Affiliate Links

I bet within the last week you’ve made an online purchase, and you’ll probably do so next week or the week after. What if I told you that you can help me by clicking a link and making you’re regular purchases? You can!

Below is a long list of a few of the Affiliates I’m a part of, this means if you click any of the links below and make a purchase I get a small percentage at no extra cost to you.

Bookmark this page and anytime you need to make an online purchase check to see if I’m an affiliate of the site. Click one of the links below and you’ll help me out! Thanks in advance.

Buy me a Coffee

I recently joined, Buy me a Coffee, to get support for my blog while I’m away. Feel free to buy me a coffee if you like what I’m putting out on my blog or across my social media channels.

Click the icon below to buy me a coffee, or a beer, or a stay at a hostel.

Give me a Ride

Do you live close to the trailhead? If you do and have a free afternoon or morning, consider giving me a ride from the trailhead to town for a resupply or pick me up in town and bring me to the trailhead.

A ride to town means less miles I have to hike and it will make my shoes last longer!

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Hike with Me

Every so often, I’ll need to slow down and rest my body. (Don’t worry I would never force you to do a 20 mile day!) So, if you live close to the trail come out and hike with me for a day or 2. It will be great to see a friendly face!

Bring me a Resupply

Not into hiking? That’s cool. Meet me at a road crossing with a resupply, it’s one of the easiest ways to support my Appalachian Trail hike! We’ll coordinate beforehand and I’ll Venmo you. We’ll hang out for a bit and you’ll put a smile on my face.

Bringing real food is cool too, I like roast beef sandwiches.

Send a Care Package

Care Packages are amazing whether you’re at summer camp as a kid or you’re away at college, everyone loves receiving little surprises in the mail. Hikers are no different.

A care package full of tasty food and a letter from a loved one can make a hikers day. I have a few friends sending me care packages already, reach out and let me know if you’re interested.

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Send me an Encouraging E-mail

The first time I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro I had friends and family write me letters that I brought with me up the mountain. Those letters got me through some tough times and made a big difference in my morale.

While there is no way I can carry 5 to 6 months of handwritten letters I’d love to get encouraging letters via e-mail. I created a new e-mail just to receive messages! It’s

Sponsor a Night at a Hostel

A few people have expressed interest in this and wanted to put it out there to everyone.

About once a week I’ll be going into town to sleep in a real bed, shower, wash my clothes, and eat as much real food as possible. When I do thins I’ll be staying in small locally owned hostels. A night in a hostel ranges from $20-$50 depending on the location and their services.

If you’re interested reach out to me and we can figure out how to make this happen. Vemno or PayPal would probably be the easiest.

Sponsor a Night on your Couch

Don’t have any spare cash, but have a couch? Let me sleep there!

I pay you in big hugs and I do dishes. And let’s be honest, no one likes doing dishes!

support my hike

Send me a Box of Girl Scout Cookies

I’m 100% serious. Not only will you be supporting the largest girl operated business in the United States, you’ll also be supporting the Retha’s Hiker Hunger Foundation. HAHA!

Really though, I’ve been a Girl Scout since age 5 and that amazing organization helped me get to where I am today. It’s a great cause all around! Get in touch and I’ll send an address.

Have any other ideas on how to support my Appalachian Trail hike? Let me know in the comments!

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