15 Incredible Things to do in The Hague with Kids

Visiting The Hague with kids? There are many things and activities you can do and see here. From the museums to the beaches, indeed, the city is family-friendly. 

Many tourists think that the city is a “serious” city as it’s the home of the Dutch royal family and Dutch Government. The city is full of embassies, but the truth is, it is very welcoming to families. 

Things to do in The Hague with Kids

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You can get to The Hague via various transportation systems. Get to the city by ferry or you can take a car with you if you want to have more flexibility. Of course, if you’re coming from another country, there are flights to the country and most fly with kids into Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and take a train from there to The Hague. 

Whichever way you choose to travel to The Hague, you won’t have a problem. Thanks to the ever-reliable Dutch train network, it’s very easy to navigate. Plus, the city is reachable under an hour by train from either Amsterdam or Rotterdam. 

So, here are some of the top activities you can do in the Hague with kids: 

Rent Bikes

Experience the Dutch’s main mode of transportation and rent bikes for you and the kids to explore The Hague. Don’t worry; there are dedicated bike lanes here! You might also want to check with your accommodation because they may be able to provide you with a free bike hire. If there isn’t, there are many places in the city where you can rent a bike. 

Things to do in The Hague with Kids

Ride bikes around the city, take cycle routes, go around park areas, and many more. There are a lot of things you and your children can explore when you’re on a bike. 

Enjoy Some Water Sports in The Hague with Kids

The Hague is only 11km away from the beach! One of the fun things to do with your kids is to experience the beach by doing some water sports. Why not try surfing, paddleboarding, or kite surfing? There are beautiful sandy beaches for little kids where they can spend the day in and build sandcastles. 

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There are many things you can do and see in The Hague with kids. From the museums to the beaches, indeed, the city is family-friendly.

Visit the Scheveningen

Speaking of hitting the beach in the city, Scheveningen is a hit with holiday-goers, especially with families. The resort is the most visited beach resort in the Netherlands. 

Its vibrant atmosphere brings fun and good times to everyone on the beach. Aside from that, there are many family-friendly attractions here, such as the SEA LIFE Centre on the promenade where you can see marine life. 

Things to do in The Hague with Kids

At the centre, your kids will have a fun time with the interactive touch pool, underwater tunnel, plus they also get to feed some of the fish! 

Another attraction is the pier, which is for free. There is a zipline here that’s open to all ages. If your kids are not yet allowed to get on the zipline, just simply strolling by the pier is already an experience. You can also check out the SkyView Ferris Wheel, especially at sunset. The VIP gondola is something you need to check out as it comes with a glass bottom where you can enjoy views over the North Sea. 

Things to do in The Hague with Kids: See the Madurodam 

Madurodam Miniature Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in The Hague. Here you can find over 330 miniatures built to a 1:25 scale. It’s undoubtedly one of the best places to visit if you’re coming to the city with kids. 

See the Stars at the Celestial Vault

Located at Kijkduin, near Scheveningen, the Celestial Vault is a massive artificial crater in the dunes where kids can explore Uncle Jan’s unusual objects that were discovered at The Beachcombers Shed. 

Cycle at the Meijendel Sand Dunes

The Meijdendel Sand Dunes is one of the biggest sand dune areas in the Netherlands. There are dunes, forests, lakes, and sandy beaches here where you can cycle around with your kids. 

You can rent a bike and cycle to the De Tapuit Visitor Centre in the middle of the Dunes. 

Things to do in The Hague with Kids

Have Fun with the Butterflies

Let your kids see colorful butterflies, along with other animals at The Butterfly Garden by the Vliet. The area has been converted into a small zoo; aside from the butterflies, you and your kids can see birds, fish, reptiles, and many more here. 

Jump at Planet Jump

Planet Jump is located in what used to be a church. Today, the place is packed with trampolines where you and your kids can have a lot of fun, especially if you’re looking for indoor activities to do in the city. Aside from that, there’s a rotating climbing wall here. For little ones, there’s a special area here where they can bounce safely. 

Explore the Culture of The Hague with Kids

It’s important that you find time to take your kids to some of the museums in The Hague. The Mauritshuis Museum is one of the museums you should visit where your kids can see what it’s like during the Dutch Golden Age and see Renaissance Art. 

The Museon, on the other hand, is something more suited if you have younger kids. It’s an interactive museum that is focused on science. Here, children will learn how they can help keep the planet alive. Plus, they will also learn about volcanoes, climate change, space travel, and evolution. 

There is also the COMM Museum, where children can explore the evolution of communication interactively! Another museum to check out is the Museum Voorlinden as it has a lot of things ideal for kids, such as the Yayoi Kasuma’s Infinity Mirror Room and Leandro Erlich’s Swimming Pool!

The Chamber of Wonders is also a great museum to visit. Here, the kids are in for a compelling interactive game where children can learn and experience art and history. They will be provided with a small device that will take them through the entire museum on a scavenger hunt. 

Have a Great Time at The De Uithof

If you want some indoor activities in the city, the De Uithof is the ideal place to go to. They have laser gaming, karting, and rock climbing here. If you’re in the city in the summer, De Uithof hosts a sport and plays paradise where there are bouncy castles, trampolines, water boats, and many more! So, if it’s raining outside, you don’t need to worry at all because you and your kids can still have loads of fun. 

Experience the Omniversum

Omniversum has a huge dome-shaped screen that lets you and your kids be a part of the movie. It’s a great experience where kids can watch educational movies about wildlife and space. 

Join the Haagse Boomtoppers

Why don’t you try tree climbing? Recreational tree climbing is a fun and safe activity for kids. The Haagse Boomtoppers has instructors who will set up climbing equipment in a park and supervise the children. You can also join an organized climbing session. 

Things to do in The Hague with Kids: Enjoy a Puppet Show

Head on over to the Kooman’s Poppentheater in the city. This is over a magical place where puppets come to life. It is owned by Arjan Kooman who makes everything himself. The puppet shows here are ideal for kids aged 5 and up. However, it’s in Dutch! 

Get Excited at the Duinrell Amusement Park

Although the amusement park isn’t located in the city, it’s only a couple of minutes away from the city. You and your kids will have an amazing time here while you get on the rides. Make sure you check out the tropical paradise Tiki Pool, which is fun for all the family. 

Eat Some Delicious Dutch Pancakes

When you’re in the Netherlands, you should definitely try out how the Dutch makes their pancakes! One of the best places to eat pancakes is Oma Toos. Aside from pancakes, they also offer traditional Dutch food. 

Moreover, there are so many restaurants and cafes in the city where you can have pancakes and traditional Dutch food. For sure, your kids will love the pancakes!

Although the Netherlands may not be the first European destination you’d think of when traveling with kids, your mind will definitely change when you visit the Hague. Many families choose to stop in Amsterdam and other busy cities, but not the Hague because of the beach and the family-friendly areas here. 

Even if the Hague is the third-largest city in the country, it has a more relaxed vibe that makes it perfect for families compared to Amsterdam and other cities. 

Don’t be afraid to explore the city with your kids. You’re in for a huge surprise and you can guarantee your kids will have a lot of fun here. 

So, are you ready to explore the Hague with your kids? You will surely have an amazing time here! 

What are your favorite things to do in The Hague with Kids? Let me know in the comments!

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