Roaming Nanny’s Holiday Gift Guide

I will be the first to admit as a traveler I’m difficult to buy holiday gifts for. As someone you loves experiences over things I usually ask for airline gift cards or cash. I have received several gifts over the years of items I use religiously while traveling. This Holiday Gift Guide consists of some of those items and well as items that will bring a smile to any traveler’s face.

Scratch off Map of the World

A scratch off map of the world is one of those gifts that most travelers aren’t going to buy for themselves, but would love to have. They’re so much fun and with a glass-less frame can be displayed on a wall. I received one a few years ago and love coming home from an adventure to scratch off the countries I’ve been to.

RFID Blocking Travel Passport Wallet

RFID stands for radio frequency identification. Objects like credit cards as most passports issued after 2006 have RFID chips in them. Someone can scan your chip through your pocket or backpack with the right equipment. I have an RFID wallet, but it’s almost time to get a new one and I’ve got my eye on this because of the size. It can fit everything I need while traveling inside; passport, credit cards, cash, and plane tickets. It’s not overly bulky to take up tons of room in a bag, but it’s not going to get lost at the bottom of it either.

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1,000 Places to See Before You Die

Believe it or not, I’m not the only person left in the world that gets their travel inspiration from books. In fact, I see this book pretty often in homes of traveler friends. I used to have one, but it got lost in the shuffle of moving over the years and I’ve finally given it up for dead. In it’s pages you’ll find some of the most spectacular places to visit around the world; some you’ve probably heard of and others that are lesser known, but should be visited nonetheless. This book is perfect for that work gift exchange or Yankee swap you have no idea what to bring to.

A Southwest Airline Gift Card

Did you really think we were going to get through this list without having an airline gift card? If I’m flying domestic or to the Caribbean I’m probably on Southwest unless I’m using airline miles. Southwest Airlines is inexpensive, timely, and if you’re lucky and have a hilarious cabin crew – which they usually do – the safety briefing is so funny! This is a great gift that any traveler would love to receive.

A Double Nester Hammock

 Traveler Holiday Gift Guide

Hammock life is the best life and if you don’t agree with me on this, I’m sorry but we can’t be friends. A few years ago I bought my boyfriend a double nester hammock (OK it was more like a gift for both of use, but don’t tell him that) and he loves it. Small enough to throw in a weekend getaway bag and it can be set up anywhere. We always bring it when we go camping.

North Face Base Camp Duffel

 Traveler Holiday Gift Guide

Know a traveler that needs a bag that will last forever? This bag is that bag. I received this as a gift over 8 years ago and trust me when I tell you that I’ve put it through the ringer. Not only is it waterproof, but it converts between a duffel and a backpack for easy carrying. I have the medium and if compressed enough it can fit in the overhead compartment as a carry on depending on the size of the plane and airline requirements. It comes in all different colors and ranges in size from extra small to extra-extra large.

An Experience on Living Social

Traveler Holiday Gift Guide

Whenever I get to a new city I check out Living Social. They have everything on there from local events to cooking classes. I’ve used Living Social all over the U.S. and have found amazing things to do and they even have a section dedicated to travel! The best part is, even if they’re not going somewhere they can use it close to home. Come to think of it a Living Social experience is a great gift for anyone on your holiday shopping list.

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 Traveler Holiday Gift Guide

GoPros are the ultimate adventure camera. Whether you’re taking stills or video, they’ll get the job done. Small and compacted they’re perfect for the minimalist traveler. With accessories that will mount the camera to your helmet, bike handlebars, wrist, and then some you’re sure to get the perfect shot. This gift will be a huge hit.

Packing Cubes

I’m a hot mess when it comes to packing. It all starts off organized, then 2 days in it looks like a bomb went off and my stuff is everywhere. Packing cubes help. For the hot mess I am they don’t fix the problem, but they definitely help. With so many different sizes and colors you’ll find something for every traveler.

Fuji Instax Camera

I got this camera for Christmas last year and I LOVE IT! It takes me back to the time of Polarods! I take it on all of my adventures and have some adorable shots because of it. They come in all different colors and are super fun having around friends and family. Mine may or may not be the color avocado.

Osprey FlapJill Courier Bag

 Traveler Holiday Gift Guide

This Osprey bag is my everyday Nanny bag. It’s big enough to fit everything I need for myself and all the little extras I carry for the kiddos. I also use it as my carry-on and as a weekend bag. With all the pockets it’s perfect for things I need to carry on me, but might not need every second. It has a water bottle holder on the side to fit my Nalgene and a small pocket right at the top under the handle to fit small items. Gift Cards

Traveler Holiday Gift Guide

Accommodations are one of the most expensive aspects of any trip. Why not give the gift of lodging? A gift card is perfect for the traveler in your life you don’t know what to get. I says, “I love you enough to support your travel addiction”, what more could a traveler want?

Travel Journal

Every traveler needs a journal. I firmly believe writing down ones experiences, even for non-writers, helps process what we’ve seen and helps us go back and relive important moments and memories. This journal gives great prompts to help you document your trip and is small and compact for easy packing.

Travel + Leisure Magazine Subscription

I don’t usually get magazines, but my Cousin has gotten me a subscription for Travel + Leisure for the past couple of years and I’ll admit, I love getting it in the mail. With all the junk mail I receive it’s like getting a travel pick me up every month. I pick up some ideas for trips and even though I can’t afford most of the experiences in the magazine, the travel inspiration makes my day a little brighter.

Ticket Stub Diary

I don’t have a ticket stub diary, but I want one so bad. I’m not big on souvineers and I usually don’t print out photos, but I do keep my tickets stubs in a travel box on my desk. It would be so nice to have them all organized with dates to look back on. It would be a great way to share your travels with the ones you love. At least thats what I picture in my head.

Luci Light

I LOVE my Luci Light! According to the MPowered website, “We want to empower the three billion people around the world who still live without reliable access to electricity,” and thus was born the Luci Light. Not only do I love the reason it was invented, the product itself is amazing. It inflates and deflates when I need it to. It’s compact and doesn’t rely on batteries. I hang it from my backpack during the day and it has plenty of power for when the sun goes down.

Which item from my Holiday Gift Guide would you like to receive the most? Let me know in the comments.

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 Roaming Nanny’s Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

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