Top Travel Gifts for Her

Finding the perfect gift for your favorite female traveler can be tough. You want to give her something she’ll use and is super cute at the same time, I get it. Have no fear, I’ve done all the work for you and found some amazing travel gifts for her!

Travel Gifts for Her $20 and Under

Idefair Travel Wallet

This isn’t just a wallet. It is the ultimate travel organization accessory. This little wristlet can keep even the most unorganized travel together. With space inside for passports, credit cards, cash, keys, full sized airplane tickets and change they’ll never misplace a single things on the road.

travel gifts for her

A tour, ticket, or experience with Get Your Guide

I’m a BIG believer in experiences over things, so around the holidays I always hope those around me get me something like this. If you knew a traveler like me the perfect holiday gift for her is a tour with Get Your Guide! Starting a just under $20 and going up to as much as you can imagine, tours and experiences with Get Your Guide will assist your favorite female traveler on her next adventure.

Electronic Organizer

If you have a loved one who can never keep their electronics organized while on the road get her this electronic organizer. Everything she’ll be bringing with her will fit inside this zip up pouch. Wire, squares, headphones, cameras, and memory cards.

Map Stud Earrings

Give the gift of homemade beauty with these world map stud earrings on Etsy. Small enough to not get in the way, and beautiful enough to make a statement. I bring these with me on most trips, and they go with almost everything I have. If it’s around the holiday season, they make a great stocking stuffer.

Christmas Socks

Giving a Christmas gift? I’m a big fan of getting socks for Christmas. I’m pretty sure that statements mean I’m officially old, but socks can be so much fun. On Christmas morning if I opened a pair of Christmas Socks made by Chrissy’s Socks I’d be pretty excited. They have so many different styles from polar bears to stripes to various holiday patterns. The knee socks are perfect for all the holiday ice skating you should probably be doing over the holiday season.

Lonely Planet E-Books

While I love a good Lonely Planet Guide they tend to take up a lot of space in my bag and aren’t the most eco-friendly because of their size. However, getting a e-book guide makes a perfect gift for any female traveler as she can load it right on to her kindle or cell phone. She will still get all the information she needs to fully explore all the cities and countries she visits, but with less paper, less weight, and they’re super affordable!

travel gifts for her

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Looking for the perfect travel gift for her? Look no further, I've put together a collect of amazing travel gifts for the woman in your life. #travelgifts #giftguide

Best Travel Gift for Her $20-$50

Waypoint Goods Travel Scarf

Travel scarves are one of my must have travel essentials, and for a good reason. Not only are they adorable, but they also have a hidden pocket that fits my passport, phone, and cash inside.

Waypoint Goods makes the best and most beautiful travel scarves on the market. They have solid colors, maps, and special edition art scarves that really make a statement. I love wearing mine, especially at the airport, because when going through TSA it have easy access to my passport with no need to take my wallet out of my bag. I guarantee whoever you buy this for will adore it!

Compression Packing Cubes

My least favorite thing about packing cubes is they don’t compress. They take up too much room in a bag. These packing cubes however, are a different story, they compress down with zippers around the sides. This way they won’t take up as much room and your clothes will still be organized. This is the most perfect travel gifts for her. Especially if she is new to traveling or trying to get better about packing.

Outdoor Emergency Survival Kit

Have a female traveler in your life that loves getting outside? Get her the ultimate in outdoor emergency survival kits. Put together by Weyland Outdoors this survival kit comes equipped with a saw, fire starter, whistle, compass, mirror, survival blanket, light, tool card, para cord bracelet, and a knife. It comes in a container which is perfect if you keep it in your car or home.

Cityscape Ring

Has your favorite female traveler visited a city and completely fallen in love with it? Or live in a city she adores? If she loves a city get her a handmade cityscape ring customized to whatever city you want. The only problem she’ll have is stopping herself from buying another ring the next time she falls in love with a new city!

Trtl Travel Pillow

Sleeping on trains, planes, and buses is the worst. You never get any real sleep and if you’re one of the lucky people who do you wake up with the worst neck pain possible. The Trtl travel pillow will help your female traveler get rest on the road and it packs light (it packs down to half the size of a standard travel pillow) and comes in several different colors. Not only does the Trtl travel pillow provide plenty of neck support, it also is adjustable to different neck sizes and positions.

Gifts for Female Travelers $50-$100

SafetyWing Travel Insurance

Every traveler should have travel insurance, but many people don’t want to pay for it or don’t even think about purchasing it. I’m a practical gift giver and as a result will be giving SafetyWing Travel Insurance to several friends this holiday season. It’s just as effective as other insurances and is perfect for people that are always traveling.

Custom City Map Print with Frame

Boston is my home city and I have a custom map hanging on my wall to always remind me of it. These custom maps are also great for sharing memories from trips or displaying cities you’re lived in or love. With different finishes on the frames, this is a great gift for any female traveler and will fit any decor.

Cabin Zero Classic Travel Cabin Bag

I’m a backpack girl, but I also love packing carry-on when I can because checking a bag is a pain in the ass. Earlier this year I got a Cabin Zero Classic bag that is a full size carry-on and a backpack. With over 25 different colors and designs this backpack is perfect for the carry-on traveler. You’ll be sure to find the right color to fit her personality. They come in 28, 36, and 44 liters.

Coaltree Organics Wanderer Double Hammock

Hammock life is the best life, there is no denying that. So get her ready for spring-time and outdoor activities with this amazing Coaltree Orangics hammock. With the double-nester hammock she can cuddle up next to the people she loves and enjoy the outdoors at the same time! Their hammocks come in 3 different colors and include ropes so she can hang it up the moment she unwraps it.

Learn a new Language with a Year-long Babbel subscription

This holiday season give your female traveler the gift of learning. With a year long subscription to Babbel you can pick a language for your traveler to learn (Where is she going on her next trip?) and she’ll get access to learning software to help her really learn the language. With real life conversation skills she’ll be able to hit the streets on her next trip and speak the language with confidence.

Presents for Travelers $100 and up

Pin Wall Map

If you’re favorite female traveler has some open space on the walls at her home base you should get her this AMAZING Pin Wall Map. I wish I had more space on the walls on my house to put one of these babies up. This map isn’t just gorgeous, it will brighten up the decor in any room. It makes the perfect centerpiece for any travelers home.

Gregory Packs Amber 34 liter women’s hiking backpack

In my opinion, Gregory makes the best backpacks on the market. There are some out there that may disagree with me, but I love them and have been using them for over 10 years. The Amber 34 is one of their newer models and is perfect for any backpacking or hiking trip. The bag itself is lightweight and fits in most hostel lockers.

travel gifts for her - gregory backpack

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