Best Rides at the Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World is the only park that Walt Disney himself worked on at that location before he died. It was his crowned jewel and it shows with all the amazing rides and attractions. Some of the best rides at the Magic Kingdom Walt helped to design, others are new and just as exciting.

Best Rides at the Magic Kingdom

Space Mountain

My absolute favorite ride at the Magic Kingdom is Space Mountain. Even if I get a fast pass I still head there first thing in the morning. That way I can go on twice!

Located in Tomorrowland this indoor roller coaster is the original thrill ride at Walt Disney World. I’ve been riding it since I was a kid. While I know now it only goes 28 miles per hour at it’s fastest, in the dark it seems like much faster.

The wait can be a long one so either go early in the day, during the fireworks, or get a fast pass beforehand.

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With so many rides to choose from what are the best rides at the Magic Kingdom? Here are my top picks!

Splash Mountain

You will get wet on this Frontierland ride. There is no getting around it. You’ve been warned.

Splash Mountain opened when I was in junior high and I make it on there during every visit. Enough though I know it’s coming, that final drop gets me every time.

Another long line, I’ve seen Splash Mountain have waits of up to 3 hours. While I’ll NEVER wait 3 hours for any ride, this is worth a long-ish wait. This journey through the classic Disney film “Song of the South” starts off with singing audio-animatronics. It builds up to a drop that will give your stomach a little lift.

This is a great beginner thrill ride for kids looking to trying something new. Afterwards they’ll be singing Zip-a-dee-do-da for the rest of the day.

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Pirates of the Caribbean

This Disney classic started at Disneyland California and was brought to Florida was one of the original rides at the Magic Kingdom park. Since the success of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, the ride has changed and you can see good old Captain Jack Sparrow in a few of the scenes if you keep a weather eye open.

While the ride is in the dark and on water, riders sit in a large barge and don’t get wet.

During the journey audio-animatronics sing, “A Pirate’s Life for Me,” as the barge floats through pirate scenes. Keep an eye out for “The Red Head” and a pesky dog with keys to a jail cell.

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

Not too far from Space Mountain in Tommorrowland is Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. This is the first Disney ride ever created which is a fusion of ride and video game. It’s been a hit since it opened in 1998.

With 2 riders per car Space Ranger recruits glide through this 4-d video game to help Buzz defeat the Evil Emporer Zerg. Each car has a lazer gun for each player and the car keeps score.

I don’t know someone that has been on this ride and doesn’t enjoy themselves. It is so much fun competing against your friends and family to get the highest score.

Insider tip, if the line isn’t out the main door of the entrance, get in line, it’s shouldn’t take too long to get on the ride.

Big Thunder Mountain

This one is my Mom’s favorite ride. While it is a roller coaster, I can tell you that my Mom hates roller coasters, so you know it doesn’t go too fast.

The “Wildest Ride in the Wilderness” is located past Splash Mountain in Frontierland. This old school western train takes riders through hodos, mines, and geysers. It picks up a little speed, but not too much. I personally think the back is fastest so if you sit there it’s a great seat.

I’m a big fan of getting on this ride during the fireworks as most of the ride is open air and you’ll get a unique view. Plus the line will most likely be shorter.

Peter Pan’s Flight

Peter Pan is one of my favorite stories and one of the best early Disney movies. My nickname at Girl Scout Camp is Rufio from the movie Hook! Because of this, I try my best to get on this ride every time I go to WDW.

However, this is a ride that despite the flying pirate ships guests sit in being constantly in motion takes forever to get on. If you don’t get a fast pass for this ride either skip it or go directly to it after rope drop.

This ride is perfect for the whole family, and when you’re done head towards the Haunted Mansion (away from the castle) for a change to meet Peter Pan himself!

What do you think the best rides at Magic Kingdom are? Did your favorite make the list?

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