10 Science Kits for Kids that will have them Learning at Home

Doing science at home has never been easier with these awesome science kits for kids. From building robots to growing crystals there is something for every kid.

Science Kits for Kids

Sillbird STEM 12-in-1 Solar Robot

This one is for the future engineer in the family. The Sillbird STEM 12-in-1 Solar Robot allows kids to build 12 different robots and experiment to create one of their own. Recommended for kids 8 and up with plenty of patience and imagination!

KidzLab Kitchen Science Kit

Perfect for the kid just beginning to get interested in science the KidzLab Kitchen Science Kit has easy home science experiments. Some of my favorites in this kit include launching a miniature rocket and erupting a tabletop volcano. As a parent if you’re worried about helping your child(ren) with the experiments get this kit as the directions are easy to follow.

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Doing science at home is easy with these awesome science kits for kids. From building robots to growing crystals there is something for everyone.

Kids Science Kits: Dynamo Lab

What I love most about the Dynamo Lab science kit for kids is the directions. They are written in an easy to read manner so children can truly feel like they’re scientists and can conduct the 20+ experiments with limited guidance. Some of these experiments can get messy, so if you’re a neat freak I’d skip this one.

Da Vinci’s Science and Construction Kit

Whether your kids know who Da Vinci is or not they’ll love Da Vinci’s Science and Construction Kit. With the ability to build a bombard, a catapult, and a ballista (all devices originally designed by Da Vinci himself) they’ll have small items flying through the air in no time. This is a science and history lesson in one as kids might start asking questions about Da Vinci!

Science Kits for Kids: Light Up Terrarium Kit

Do you have a child(ren) that loves plants? This adorable light up terrarium kit is fun to put together and will add some green to their room. Natural science can be easy and this kit allows kids to watch plants grow right in their own home. Recommended for ages 6 and up, but younger children could definitely do this with help from an adult. Plus it glows at night projecting stars on to the ceiling.

Butterfly Garden

The Nanny kids have had this butterfly kit for years! While we have long since watched our own butterflies grow we still take out the habitat every year. We bring it out in the yard and try to catch butterflies to examine and rerelease. The Butterfly Garden has a voucher so you can get caterpillars shipped to you (just pay shipping) and you can watch them build cocoons and emerge as gorgeous butterflies. I can’t recommend this science kit for kids enough!

science kits for kids

Structural Engineering: Bridges & Skyscrapers

For ages 8 and up this Structural Engineering: Bridges & Skyscrapers science kit for kids is great for anyone who wants to build. If your kid likes Legos get this, it’s the next step up in difficulty. Not only will it come with directions on how to built specific structures children can get creative and build their own too!

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Kids Science Kits: Professor Maxwell’s 4D Science Kit

Professor Maxwell’s 4D science kit is unlike any kit I’ve ever come across (and there are several different kinds) With the assistance of a smartphone this augmented reality science lab comes to life, giving step by step instructions on what to do. It comes with a book that literally looks like its jumping off the page and most of the materials needed.

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Growing Crystals

Growing crystals is a classic science experiment. I remember doing it with my Girl Scout Troop. This Growing Crystals kit lets kids do 7 different experiments. Children that get excited about rocks and crystals at museum gift stores and tourist shops will love this. And they come with display cases so they can show off what they grew.

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Do you have any of these science kits for kids? Which one(s) is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

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Doing science at home is easy with these awesome science kits for kids. From building robots to growing crystals there is something for everyone.

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