Trivia for Kids [with FREE Downloadable Game!]

Kids love being able to test their knowledge whether they realize it or not. Trivia for kids is always fun. This downloadable game has 4 rounds and a half time picture round. The questions are geared towards ages 10-14.

When I was in college my friends and I went to pub trivia on campus and off all the time. Since I became a Nanny for the family that I’ve been with for 7 years I’ve always enjoyed introducing trivia board games to my kiddos.

Trivia for Kids

Trivia Rules

I think pub trivia is the best kind of trivia, so I created this specifically for my Nanny kids. While not all these questions will work for you feel free to change it up to fit your family. This can be played as teams or as individuals. We played with each child answering their own questions.

Before you start, remind them that when you play trivia you don’t always know the answers. Trying your best and having fun is what is most important.

Make this a game-show-like as possible. It’s WAY more fun that way and at least my Nanny kids love game shows. We’re big fans of the Game Show Network!

Things you’ll need to play Trivia for Kids

  • A pencil for each player/team
  • Several pieces of paper
  • The Trivia Questions downloadable file (found later in this post)
  • A Half Time Picture Round print out for each player/team (found later in this post)

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Trivia for kids is always fun. This downloadable game has 4 rounds and a half time picture round.

How to Play Trivia for Kids

Make sure each player/team has paper and pencil before starting. Do not give out the Trivia Questions of the Half Time Picture Round.

Rounds and Quarter Questions

During the rounds read each question aloud. Have the players/teams write down their answers. Once they’re done have them read the questions aloud. Write down the points on a score sheet as you go.

Half Time Picture Round

Hand out the sheets for the Half Time Picture Round and tell the players they get 10 minutes to fill it out. You can obviously give them more time if they need it.

Once they’re done, have them give you their papers. You can score each one and read the answers aloud.


When you play you can make scoring as easy or as complicated as you want. This is what we did and it worked out.

trivia for kids

Rounds 1-4

Each question is worth 10 points. If a player/team gets a questions right they get 10 points. Wrong answers will not result in point deductions.

A few times throughout the Rounds there are opportunities for bonus points. Each bonus question answered correctly gets the player/team 10 additional points.

Quarter Questions

There are 2 Quarter Questions that are asked after Rounds 1 and 3. Before you ask the question let the players/teams know their scores. They can wager their points for these questions.

For example: if a player/team wagers 30 points and they get the question correct they get 30 points. If they get it wrong they lose 30 points. They do not need to wager points, but if they get it right they will not be awarded points.

Feel free to give a clue about the topic before players/team make their wagers.

Half Time Picture Round

There are 9 movie posters on the Half Time Picture Round sheet. Each correct answer is worth 10 points. If a player/team gets all 9 correct an additional 20 points is awarded.

More Trivia Activities

Do your kids want more opportunities to quiz each other? Check out these fun books and games that will keep them busy and expanding their knowledge for hours.

Trivia for Kids Downloads

You will need to download both of these files to play this trivia for kids game. The Trivia Questions file has all the questions and answers, you will only need 1 copy of this file. For the Half Time Picture Round file you will need to print a copy for each player/team. The answers can be found in the Trivia Questions file.

Did you download this Trivia for Kids game? What did the kids think? Let me know in the comments!

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