Ushuaia Restaurants: 8 Best Restaurants in Ushuaia, Argentina

Choosing the best places to eat in Ushuaia Argentina was a challenge. I ate at so many amazing restaurants and there were many more I wanted to try, but didn’t have time to. Here are a few of my favorite Ushuaia restaurants.

Best Restaurants in Ushuaia

Ushuaia Restaurants: Ramos Generales

Located on Maupi street this Ushuaia restaurant is one of the most eclectic places to eat in Ushuaia. The walls are covered with items from long ago and the entire place is oozing with history. The building itself is on the national register of historic places and once you step foot inside you’ll instantly know why.

 places to eat ushuaia argentina ramos generales

My friend Amy and I – you’ll hear her name a bunch in this article as she was my partner in crime on this trip – had just come out of Dali Cafe (more on that later) when we ran into a woman we had met the night before. When we told her we were looking for a place to have a big lunch she recommended Ramos Generales.

Upon entering your eyes are caught by the scattering of chocolate dipper meringue penguins atop the pastry counter. After much deliberation, I deemed them too cute to eat – plus I don’t like meringue. One of our friends, however, did order one and said it was delicious.

 best places to eat ushuaia argentina ramos

For my big belly-filling lunch I ordered the risotto. The portion was huge and yes, I ate the entire thing. The vegetables were cooked to perfection and my mouth is watering just thinking about it. This was the best dish I had at the 8 Ushuaia restaurants on this list.

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Choosing the best places to eat in Ushuaia Argentina is a challenge. Here are 8 of my favorite restaurants in Ushuaia. #ushuaia #argentina #food #foodie #bestplacestoeat #restaurant

Ushuaia Restaurants: Andio Gourmet

If you have a craving for pasta, you’re going to want to eat at this Ushuaia restaurant. Andio Gourmet, filled us up after Amy and I hiked in Tierra del Fuego National Park.

Located kitty corner across the intersection from the Hard Rock Cafe, Andio Gournet. This restaurant is moderately priced and is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

 best places to eat in ushuaia argentina andio gourmet

The menu is simple but allows you to mix and match various pasta dishes with whatever sauce you want. I kept it simple with cheese ravioli in marinara sauce. The freshly made rolls and side salad I ordered rounded out the most perfect post-hike meal.

Ushuaia Restaurants: Dody Churros

Take a walk down San Matrin and at some point along your journey you’ll be sure to pass Dody Churros. The display of delectable churros, donuts, and bread lured me into the shop where I was then wrapped up in the delicious smell sugary treats.

 best places to eat ushuaia argentina dody

Since Amy and I were staying in a small apartment we decided…okay, I decided, to get us some donuts for breakfast the next morning.

I stepped up to the counter and asked for 2 chocolate covered donuts. The kind eyed woman behind the counter in return asked, “Would you like your donuts filled with dulce de leche?”

With a giant smile on my face I answered with, “Yes, of course!” Why would you NOT want delce de leche in your donut?

 dody churros eat ushiaua argentina

For those of you who don’t know, dulce de leche is a caramel like confection made my slowly heating sweetened milk. It will rock your world.

The donuts were so large they served as both breakfast and hiking snack the next day during our adventure to the Chilean border. A must visit destination when visiting Ushuaia, Argentina!

La Cabana Casa de Te

After a hike up to Martial Glacier to take in the view of Ushuaia and the Beagle Channel make sure to stop in at La Cabana.

 eat in ushuaia argentina La Cabana

Even though we didn’t make it to the foot of the glacier, Amy and I were starving and needed something yummy in our tummies. La Cabana did not disappoint with their vast selection of teas and large portions. It is also the most adorable restaurant in Ushuaia.

My tea was served in the most adorable teapot accompanied by a timer so it was steeped to perfection and my sandwich was so large Amy and I could, and should have, split it. The cheese was fully of melty goodness, but it was the fresh baked bread that set this sandwich apart from any other I has while in Ushuaia.

 la cabana best places to eat in ushuaia argentina

The decor of the restaurant brought me back to the tea parties I used to host as a child for my Barbies and my brother’s Ninja Turtles. Everything was pastel colored and gave the illusion you were in a different time. Plush chairs cozied up to perfectly set tables in a room full of natural light. Amy and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect post hike meal.

Top Restaurants in Ushuaia

Bar Ideal

Bar Ideal was the first place Amy and I ate at during our time in Ushuaia Argentina. It is the most Southern Irish Pub in the world, and since I got to visit the Highest Irish Pub in the world during my time trekking to Everest Base Camp, I figured I should probably go to this one too.

The walls are decorated with drawings and notes from visitors from all over the globe, and the ceiling is adorned with flags and scarves from a bunch of soccer teams I can’t identify.

 Bar Ideal Ushuaia Argentina

In the restaurant, at the bar, I saw a sign that made me laugh stating, “We don’t have WiFi, talk to each other!” When we visited at lunch time it was relatively quiet, but I bet at night it gets pretty rowdy. Unfortunately, because of the time difference, we were out cold before any of the bars in town got crowded, so I can’t tell you if Bar Ideal is the place to go for nightlife in Ushuaia, sorry.

I ordered a Cape Horn beer that hit the spot after traveling for 2 straight days and gobbled down the entirety – except the olives – of my margarita pizza. The cheese we delicious, but if I went back I’d ask for a little extra sauce on the pizza.

Ushuaia Restaurants: Christopher’s

The night before our ship to Antarctica left, we met up with all 50 members of the Girls Love Travel trip we were going with for dinner at Christopher’s.

Although I will say that the service was slow due to the fact that there we 50 plus people in the restaurant, the quality of the food far surpassed any other issues. I’m naming Christopher’s my favorite of all the restaurants in Ushuaia.

 Best places to eat in ushuaia argentina Christopher's

I ordered my steak medium rare and it was divine. Most restaurants overcook a medium rare steak, but not at Christopher’s in Ushuaia!

As a side, I ordered mashed potatoes. When it came out I was overwhelmed at the amount of mashed potatoes I received. It was literally a skillet of fresh made cheesy mashed potatoes. As a self-proclaimed mashed potato expert, these were the most amazing mashed potatoes I have ever eaten.


When going to Christopher’s keep in mind that the prices are above average for what you will pay in Ushuaia. I would consider Christopher’s a restaurant to go to for a special night out.

Ushuaia Restaurants: Dali Cafe

During our time in Ushuaia, Amy and I stopped by Dali 3 different times. The chill atmosphere was so welcoming, I immediately felt right at home.

Each time we were there I ordered the hot chocolate with honey. I have never had anything like that before and now I want it all the time. I even tried it when I got back home. Amy way a fan of their coffee, which is saying something because she loves coffee.

 dali cafe

If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll need to take a peak inside the little fridge next to the counter. Every time we were there it was filled with various pies and chocolatey goodies.

One of the meals we had there was a lite dinner. I ordered a big salad that was incredibly fresh and topped with shredded carrots and tomatoes. We also saw some delicious sandwiches leave the kitchen.

Quinquela Cafe, Bar and Pizzas

Walking into Quinquela we were greeted by a waiter with a big smile and a “Welcome.”

When looking at the drink menu the first thing I saw was pisco sour and I was sold. I hadn’t had a pisco sour since my time in Cusco. It was delicious!


Amy suggested we get some empanadas and share them, it was easy to say yes to that amazing idea! We ordered 3 of them: 1 chicken, 1 veggie, and 1 Portuguese style empanada with sausage and Mozambique sauce.

This Ushuaia restaurant comes off cheap and industrial-looking, but I’d recommend giving it a try. Sometimes you can’t judge a book by its cover.

And the best part is you’ll most likely be able to walk right in and sit down, we did. They have plenty of seating, how it’s not super comfortable.

Have you been to Ushuaia? What Ushuaia restaurants do you recommend?

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