Car Rental in Cozumel Mexico: Car, Jeep, and Scooter Rentals in Beautiful Cozumel

A Cozumel car rental is a great way to explore the island outside of the port and downtown San Miguel. During my trip I did a day long Cozumel road trip with my friend Claire where we rented an old school Volkswagen Bug to see the island. Lucky for you a car rental in Cozumel isn’t too challenging and I’ve got all the inside information on how to do it.

Rental Car in Cozumel Mexico

Is it safe to rent a car in Cozumel?

If you operate your rental car in Cozumel in a safe and responsible way it is a relatively safe place to drive. In the main tourist areas of the island the roads are in good condition.

Car theft and breaking into cars is not unheard of, but is a rare occurrence, especially when it comes to car rental in Cozumel. With that said always lock the doors when leaving the car and do not leave anything of value in the car or visible.

Car Rental in Cozumel

Our little white Volkswagen Bug was a super cute car and we named her Trouble because we had a little trouble to start off with because she is so old. Older cars, like most of the Volkswagen Bugs in Cozumel, have no power-steering and are difficult to shift.

 Car Rental in Cozumel- Volkswagen Bug

All the older Bugs have manual transmission so keep that in mind before renting.

We rented Trouble from Rentadora Isis, which is located one block (a short 5-minute walk) from the waterfront and main ferry pier in San Miguel. The customer service was amazing and because I went to their website and booked in advance we got a great deal.

Want more of a selection? You can rent a car in Cozumel from 3 different locations on the island via

No matter what kind of car rental in Cozumel you decide on, make sure you get the extra comprehensive insurance, just in case.

Jeep Rental in Cozumel

While Claire and I had fun driving Cozumel in a Bug, next time I’d spend a little more money and get a Jeep rental. The northern part of the island has some pretty rugged roads I’d like to explore and only a Jeep can do that.

 rent a jeep in Cozumel

However, if you’re not interested in going to the northern part of the island and want an easier to drive vehicle, and an automatic transmission, rent a Jeep in Cozumel. Most of the models are new, the top can come off, and you’ll sit higher than most other vehicles.

For Jeep rentals in Cozumel use and get it all set up before you arrive.

Scooter Rental in Cozumel

Do you know how to ride a scooter? Like really know? If your answer isn’t an immediate yes, then DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT rent a scooter in Cozumel. Scooter accidents happen all the time in tourist destinations around the world because people who are not experienced scooter drivers think they can handle it.

 rent a scooter in cozumel

If you do rent a scooter in Cozumel wear a good quality helmet, protective clothing just in case you do fall, and be sure of your surroundings all the time. Most importantly, make sure you have travel insurance to cover any medical bills you might end up with if you get into an accident.

Rentadora Isis also rents scooters. Remember to book your scooter rental in advance to get the best deal!

Cozumel Road Trip YouTube Video

Here’s the YouTube video my friend Claire made of our Cozumel Road Trip, enjoy!

Cozumel Driving Tips

Driving the island itself is relatively easy, it’s downtown San Miguel and especially surrounding the port areas you need to take extra care when driving.

In San Miguel roads that run north to south, parallel to the waterfront has the right of way and most of the time do not need to stop. Roads running east to west must use caution and yield.

The majority of the roads downtown are one-way. Watch the way the traffic is going and look for the arrows on the street signs. They’re black and white and will be located on the street corners.

Downtown and scattered throughout the island are topes or speed bumps. They are very large, not clearly marked, and going over them too fast will most likely get your some air. And trust me, as someone who’s had it happen to them, you’re car will not like it!

When you park your car rental in Cozumel check to see if the curb is painted red. If it is, that is a signal for no parking, and the police can tow your car or take your license plates for a fine. Before parking at a curb that isn’t red check the opposite side of the street. If there are cars there you cannot park there either as downtown that is called double file and you can be fined.

What kind of rental car in Cozumel Mexico would you get? Let me know in the comments!

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