Disney Walls: 11 Picture Perfect Backdrops at Disney World

Confession: I’m a Disney Nerd, and I’m not even a little ashamed of it. One of my newest obsessions at the Disney Parks, other than Disneybounding, is taking photos with Disney Walls.

I spent many summers with my Grandparents in their retirement community in Zephyrhills, Florida. My Grandfather and I used to go to Walt Disney World all the time! Some of my favorite childhood memories are of my Grandfather and I riding Dumbo and running around old Toon Town where miniature houses used to stand. What I’m saying is when it comes to Disney wall pictures, I’m a bit of a professional.

Most Instagrammable Disney Walls

As I’ve grown up my love of all things Disney hasn’t wavered. Going to the parks is still just as fun, even though I’m more interested in intense rides and drinking around the world in Epcot. I’m also really loving all the beautiful Disney Walls! For those of you who don’t know, Disney Walls are simply, walls around the Disney parks that are fun to take pictures in front of. Some of these Disney walls have been there for years, but it seems like more and more are popping up all the time as this fun trend grows. Disney walls are perfect for taking photos in your latest Disneybound outfit.

I’ve reached out to a bunch of Disney lovers, who have contributed their favorite Disney Walls to this post. Some of them you might have heard of, and others are fun surprises you’ll have to go looking for on your next Disney World or Disneyland adventure!

Walls of Disney: The Galactic Wall and The Purple Wall

The new Galactic Wall is an update on the original Purple Wall. But have no fear the Disney Purple Wall is still there, right next to the Galactic Wall.  Kerry loves this wall because she wears lots of pinks and purples! We’ll clue you into a little secret though, no matter what you’re wearing the Purple Wall and the Galactic Wall make you pop because it’s just the right shade.

For the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World, a statue of Stitch is hanging out on the Purple Wall. He has a 50th anniversary Medaliton in his mouth and is a fun addition to photos! The Fab 50, as the statues are known, are scattered throughout all 4 Walt Disney World Parks.

 The Most Instagrammable Disney Walls: Girl standing in front of the Galactic Wall at the Magic Kingdom.
Photo Credit: Kerry Martindale
Kerry is wearing mouse ears from my Etsy shop Small World Emporium

Where can I find the Galactic Wall and the Purple Wall at Disney?

The Galactic Wall and the Purple Wall are at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World located in Florida.

To find the Galactic Wall and Purple Wall walk down Main Street USA  towards Cinderella Castle. Once you’re at the Hub take a right going towards Tomorrowland. After you go over the bridge look over to your right, you will see both the original Purple Wall and the Galactic wall. If you walk by the entrance of Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, you’ve gone too far.

Disney World Walls: The Field & Co. Wall

The Field and Co. Wall in Adventure Land is one of my favorites. It was a Disney Wall before taking Disney Instagram wall photos was cool. While I love it for its rich, warm colors, it makes me think of a time when the world was a bigger place of exploration and adventure. Being out of the way of any major walkways, you become a bit of an explorer yourself as you track this secret wall!

 The Most Instagrammable Disney Walls
Photo Credit: Erin Gayheart of The Rendezvous Spot

Where can I find the Field & Co. Disney Wall?

The Field & Co. Wall is at the Magic Kingdom in Adventure Land located at Walt Disney World in Florida.

This little spot can be easy to miss so pin this post, so you know how to find it.

The easiest way to find this wall is to go on The Jungle Cruise at the Magic Kingdom. As you come out of The Jungle Cruise exit, this Disney wall is to your left on the side of the building. You do not need to ride The Jungle Cruise to get to it though! When you approach the entrance to the line queue, if you look to the far left you will see the exit and can reach the wall from there.

Disney Walls: The Neon Mickey Wall

Another, lesser-known favorite Disney World wall is the Neon Mickey at the Contemporary Resort. I love the throwback feel! It’s extremely colorful and the inspiration from Pop Art shines through. The best part is it features everyone’s favorite mouse, Mickey!

neon mickey
Photo Credit: The Brave Curly Redhead

Where can I find the Neon Mickey Wall?

To find the Neon Mickey Wall head over to Disney’s Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World.

Take the elevator to the 4th floor and head towards Bay View Gifts. It is right next to the store across from Fantasia.

Epcot Photo Wall: The Bubblegum Wall

The Bubblegum Wall at Epcot (even though some of the colors did not make it into this photo) is another fan favorite. Usually, it isn’t very busy, which is a plus because there is so much to do at Epcot. And that pink just pops out at you!

This Epcot photo wall is connected to one of the most iconic rides in Epcot: Spaceship Earth! (Pro-Tip: If the line is long use Genie+ to get in the Lightening Lane!)

 The Most Instagrammable Disney Walls
Photo Credit: Ine Quinn

Where can I find the Buddlegum Wall?

To find the Bubblegum Wall just exit Spaceship Earth and look for the giant pink wall! If you’re looking for it, you’ll see it.

Not riding Spaceship Earth? No worries! If you head to the exit it’s the wall everyone is walking past on their way out.

Disney World Walls: Star Wars Light Wall

Ok So I made this one up, but look at the photo! I’m making this a wall because, well, it is an actual wall and I wanted to give some love to Galaxy’s Edge! This is one of the few Disney Walls where you take the photo only at night as during the day it’s just a sand colored boring wall. But as night it’s pretty magical. Grab your lightsaber and an awesome Star Wars disneybound and this photo will be even more epic!

Where can I find the Star Wars Light Wall?

To find this Star Wars wall head to Hollywood Studios and enter Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. Walk towards the Millenium Falcon, but right before you head down the stairs towards it take a left towards Docking Bay 7, a quick-service food restaurant. The wall is the outside of that building. There are several nooks where the lights shine up from the ground, so pick one and snap away!

Disneyland Walls: The Buzz Lightyear Blue Wall

I love the Buzz Lightyear Blue Wall because it makes every outfit pop! It’s so simple but so popular and somewhat hidden.

From a photography standpoint, the light is almost perfect in this area of the park. There is shade, but not too much and since you’re not in a walkway (like over by the purple wall) people aren’t trying to get by and walking in your photos.

blue wall
Photo Credit: Destiny Walker

Where can I find the Buzz Lightyear Blue Wall?

To get to this wall you’ll need to be inside the Magic Kingdom and head into Tomorrowland. If you’re walking into Tomorrowland from the Hub go towards the Buzz Lightyear Spaceranger Spin exit. You’ll walk around the building and go towards your right. The building housing the ride is painted blue, so there are plenty of spots to choose from! I usually head to the spot where cast members are heading backstage as it gets the least amount of foot traffic.

Fun Fact: There is also a Blue Wall is located in Disney’s California Adventure. You can find it in the backlot of Hollywood Boulevard!

Walls of Disney: The Toothpaste Wall

Who doesn’t love the Toothpaste Disney wall? It’s underrated- it’s a little less popular and crowded (I’m lookin’ at you, Purple wall) and has some dynamic stripey visual interest without being too busy. Plus, the light is good. It looks sort of like the cool toned sibling of the Bubblegum wall. And it’s in my fav park, Epcot!

toothpaste wall
Photo Credit: Shauna Mooney of ShaunaMooney.com

Where can I find the Toothpaste Wall?

To find the Toothpaste Wall you’ll need to be in Epcot. When standing in front of The Seas with Nemo & Friends, head towards your right. It’s right outside the entry to Coral Reef Restaurant, and the monorail track will be overhead. Can’t miss it- it’s pretty, striped, and minty fresh!

Tom Sawyer Island Wall

This is one of those Disney World Walls you really need to adventure to find. Located on Tom Sawyer Island the wall can be seen from the Haunted Mansion. It’s a fence that Tom Sawyer and Huck FInn were supposed to white wash, but didn’t…oops! It’s not fancy, but it’s just plain cute!

Be warned: Unless you know Tom Sawyer Island well, you’ll probably get lost finding this wall.

Where can I find the Tom Sawyer Island Wall?

It’s a bit of a process to find this wall! Head all the way to the back of the Magic Kingdom near Big Thunder Mountain. Then get on one of the log rafts to take the journey across Rivers of America to Tom Sawyere Island. When you disembark the raft circumnavigate the island counterclockwise and head towards Aunt Polly’s (which will probably be closed). With Aunt Polly’s on your left walk towards the water and the wall (which is basically a fence) will be on your left.

Disney Instagram Walls: The Carousel of Progress Wall

I absolutely adore the Carousel of Progress Wall. Every time it rotates, you get to see another color scheme, so you can get so many photos just at this one location! The Carousel of Progress is such an iconic attraction, so the fact that they have turned it into a work of art makes my heart happy. Make sure to go see it and snap a photo. Don’t wait too long though, it rotates about every 4 minutes!

 The Most Instagrammable Disney Walls
Pictured, Nikki Jae with photo credit to Magically Sunny

Where can I find the Carousel of Progress Wall?

As you enter Tomorrowland from The Hub on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom, walk towards the Orbitron and head towards the right, all the way to the back. The Carousel of Progress is between Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. This wall is located directly on the rotating attraction!

Walls of Disney:The Tangled Wall

I love the Tangled Wall because of the details – it looks like it’s really Rapunzel’s artwork,  and the colors are beautiful! This whole section of the Magic Kingdom feels magical, even though it’s a bathroom and where strollers hang out. (Pro Tip: If you’re here in the evening you can get one of the Magic Shots holding a Tangled lantern!)

 The Most Instagrammable Disney Walls
Photo Credit: Olivia Gould of Liv the Magic

Where can I find the Tangled Wall?

To find the Tangled Wall head into Fantasy Land and go all the way to the back. Peter Pan’s Flight will be on your left and It’s a Small World will be on your right. Keep walking and you will see the Tangled Wall right in front of you. If you go through an archway you’ve gone too far.

This is one of the most hidden Disney walls, because of its location. There isn’t much around it and it’s tucked back a bit. If you didn’t need to use the bathroom you’d probably miss it.

Disney Walls: The Mosaic Wall

I couldn’t do a post about the best Disney Walls without sharing mine! My favorite wall is the Mosaic Wall! Although I personally refer to it as The Land Wall. I’m in love with the mosaic design and all the colors. It’s huge and there are so many different angles and designs you can get photos of. I feel like every time I see it I find something new!

 The Most Instagrammable Disney Walls

Where can I find the Mosaic Wall?

The Mosaic wall can be found in Epcot at the entrance of The Land Pavilion. It’s on left side as you’re walking up the ramp towards the build to ride Soain’ Around the World and Living with the Land!

Bonus Disney Walls from around the world!

Because I love Disney Walls so much here are a few more of my favorites from Disney Parks around the world from Disneyland California to Tokyo and Paris!

Disneyland Walls: The Small World Wall

I love the Small World Wall because it’s so simple, yet whimsical. The blue and white colors with the geometric shapes adds so much to the background of any photo. It’s located, in Disneyland, across the wall from the Small World exit, by the entrance to Toon Town! Interestingly, it’s actually an entrance to a backstage area for cast members! It’s still worth a visit nonetheless.

 The Most Instagrammable Disney Walls
Photo Credit: Amanda Nelen

The Main Street Station Wall at Disneyland California

I fell in love with this wall because its right at the entrance of Disneyland! It represents the beginning of many memories for me and my connection to my love with Disneyland. I love how vintage it feels and it really just makes me so happy! This wall in particular has become a must do tradition for my visits.

This wall is located at Disneyland California right when you walk in. You’ve probably passed in a million times if you’ve been before.

Disney Walls
Photo Credit: Victoria Wade of He Calls Me Pineapple Princess

What are your favorite Disney Walls? Let me know in the comments!

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