Recycled Leggings Made from Plastic

Plastics in our oceans are a huge problem, so why not wear recycled leggings? That’s why I do everything I can as a traveler to be as sustainable as possible. During my trips I:

  • Use a water filter, so I don’t have to buy plastic water bottles.
  • Have switched to bar shampoo to cut my plastic use.
  • Bring my own straw and reusable utensils, so I don’t use the disposable ones.

Recycled Leggings

Lately I’ve been looking into how I can make my clothes more sustainable. I already buy most of my clothes second hand to give older clothes second life, but now I’ve found this amazing new company called Veom, and their leggings are making a big difference!

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Veom leggings are made from 100% recycled polyester, ethically produced in Italy using plastic bottles collected from the Atlantic Ocean. How cool is that?! Their leggings are vegan-friendly and are designed with a hand made watercolor painting technique. Check out the leggings in action here:

VEOM’s leggings a built for ultimate comfort and performance. Their leggings are designed with 3D modeling technology to help with pressure distribution. Not only are they creating leggings, they have sports bras too!

Get yourself a pair of these amazing VEOM leggings by supporting this up and coming company on Kickstarter! Not only will you be helping bad ass female entrepreneurs you’ll be getting get activewear and helping to keep the oceans clean of plastic.

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