Travel Gadgets, Tips and Tricks for smoother travel

Despite the recent limitations on travel over the past couple of years, more people can freely move about thanks to changes and new data and precautions being available.

travel gadgets and tips

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Being safe and secure is something many travellers need to feel, especially solo ones. So making the most of technology is imperative to help travellers run smoothly, where they are off on an adventure for months at a time or dipping out of life for a quick recharge in the sun.

So when it comes to the best tips, tech and gadgets for travellers, what can make your life easier?

Travel Gadgets

Sync Devices

The devices you take with you on your trip all need to be capable of working together to provide you with a seamless experience. If you are planning to document your travels or share your journey via a blog or on social media, you want to avoid any issues and delays in connecting or even using your devices.

Ensure all your software updates are carried out quickly or before you travel, if possible. Read this list to see how to make sure your Apple devices are up to date. Another thing to check is your memory. Do you have enough space to take more pictures or videos, or do you need to carry a portable external hard drive?

Fingerprint Padlock

How often have you worried you have forgotten your key to your padlock or that someone can quickly gain access by snapping the lock. While suitcase security has improved over the years, taking it one step further and using a fingerprint padlock can give you extra peace of mind. So when you arrive at your destination weary, hands full and just need to grab a shower and a nap, using a padlock that you can unlock easily via touch will be one less thing to worry about. Plus, unlike keys, you will never lose your fingerprint.

Back it Up

Technology fails, even when you are fully prepared. Maybe the heat drained your battery faster than expected, or you forgot to recharge your power bank. Whatever the reason, having backups of your information in physical form can help you access everything you need to. Know your passwords if you have to use public services in the event you cannot use your own and have details stored in more than one place, for example, if you have photographic images of your insurance details, flight documents and passport, have it backed up to a cloud account you can access anywhere not just on your personal devices.

RFID Blocking Technology

Criminals are becoming more and more sophisticated and can easily steal details without you even realising. Along with pickpockets found in pretty much every country, thieves can access your details by simply using a reader that can collect your banking details from your cards in your wallet.

Using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) blocking products can reduce the risk of this happening and are now pretty commonplace in most items, such as purses, wallets, bags etc. Add that level of protection to your finances when travelling by making small and invisible changes to how you carry your bank or credit cards.

Sleep Headphones

With noise on planes, accommodation or simply all around you, being able to escape it can be a godsend. While wireless earbuds are undoubtedly the way forward when it comes to blocking external noises and fuss, they might not be the best option for travel. Especially if you forget to charge the case.

Pack more than one pair and include wired headphones if your device allows for it or even sleeping headphones. Sleep headphones come looking like an eye mask that goes over your ears. They will be more comfortable when trying to sleep in noisy environments and provide you with a better level of background noise-blocking.

UV Sanitiser

A small UV sanitiser can be ideal for cleaning many products, especially when travelling during cold precautions. You never know who or what you will contact when out and about or the cleanliness of where you are staying. A travel UV sanitiser can allow you to quickly clean and sanitise products such as your phone, keycards, passport covers or even toothbrush to help you stay healthy and safe when on your travels.


Especially important for solo travellers, being able to check in with a trusted person can allow someone to keep track of your location and your itinerary. It is understandable you won’t always want to share in real-time what you are doing for security reasons; having someone who knows your whereabouts cna alert others to any problems should they arise.

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