Best Massage in Manchester Vermont: Healing Massage Therapist in Manchester VT

After coming home from thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail I needed to treat myself (and my body) to a massage. In the words of Leslie Knope, “Everything hurts and I’m dying.” So I reached out to my favorite local massage therapist, Anna Maynard of Pathways to Peace and Healing. She gives the best massage in Manchester Vermont. Anna has helped me after several of my hikes and I can’t say enough nice things about her and how helpful she’s been since I’ve moved to Vermont.

Best Massage in Manchester Vermont

I’ve lived near Manchester Vermont since 2014 and have gotten massages from several people over the years. After 4 long years, I met Anna in 2018 and she’s been helping me ever since. She has an extremely calming space about her and takes care to discuss anything I might need extra work on or any injuries I may have.

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Not only is Anna a licensed Massage Therapist in Manchester VT, but she is also a traditional Hatha Yoga instructor and a Registered Nurse. All this knowledge gives her an understanding of the body that not many massage therapists have. Her holistic approach to healing and wellbeing comes from years of working with people of all ages and abilities, and it shows in the way she interacts with clients. I’ve never felt so at ease and so much trust in my massage therapist. Anna truly cares for me as a client and does her best each time she works on me.

She even takes great care in selecting calming music, which she plays during each massage. Anna invests time and energy into choosing the best music to make each massage as relaxing as possible.

In your Home or at Her Office: Massage in Manchester Vermont

While I’ve always had Anna come to my home for a massage I’m so excited to share that she recently got her own space to provide massage in! Her office is conveniently located at 3556 Main Street in Manchester, Vermont.

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COVID Friendly Massage in Manchester Vermont

Anna is only doing massages for those who are vaccinated. She herself is fully vaccinated and is a firm believer in science. However, if a medical condition or treatment prevents someone from becoming vaccinated she is open to discussing how to make a safe experience for both parties.

When Anna arrived at my home she was double-masked and brought a portable HEPA filter. The weather was good so we opened up the windows for further ventilation. During our Vermont winters, she does not require the windows to be open.

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While I was face down she did not ask me to wear a mask as she used a sheet to create a pocket in the headrest which plays as a double-layered cloth mask for me, but when I was face up she asked me to wear one for her safety and mine. If any other family members or guests are present they will need to wear a mask as well.”

When cleaning her equipment and workspace she uses a CDC approved disinfectant (EPA Reg #74559-3)

Anna brings all her own supplies – paper towels, antibacterial soap, oil, CDC-approved cleaner, etc. – to wipe down any necessary surfaces before and after the visit.

For home/residential visits, she will bring a small garbage bag and carry out any paper towels or disinfectant wipes. Anna washes her hands frequently and wipes down surfaces during each treatment. I thought it was extremely thoughtful of her to take care of all her own trash disposal.

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Anna contacts all of her clients 24 hours in advance to do an Appointment Confirmation and COVID Prescreen for any symptoms and exposure review. If there are ever any concerns, Anna works to reschedule with people when you feel safe to do so. She is very communicative in this regard and this has proved incredibly effective throughout the pandemic to slow the spread in the community.

CBD Massage in Manchester Vermont

Anna uses high-quality oils, creams, and essentials. During my post-Appalachian Trail massage, she used her new CBD massage oils and to say they helped with pain relief is an understatement. I never knew how well CBD oil worked until this treatment.

cbd massage in manchester vt

I was dealing with back pain, knee pain, and a sprained ankle (which happened as I was hiking out of Vermont). The CBD massage and Anna’s healing touch helped to ease the pain I was having and helped me to relax and enjoy the entire massage.

The Hand to Heart Project

Not only is Anna an amazing massage therapist she also has a big heart. She strives to bring a healing touch to all that need it. In collaboration with The Hand to Heart Project, Anna is able to offer free massage, in your home or your current residence of healing, to anyone living with cancer and her/his/ their primary caregiver. 

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Anna works with all stages of all cancers, from diagnosis through chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and other treatments. She supports clients whether the outcome is completing treatment and leaving cancer behind or the end of life. This program has continued to provide in-home massages and follow Covid precautions. Anna can only work with Vermont residents for the Hand to Heart Project in Southern VT.

If you or someone you love is working through the challenges that cancer presents and would like to add therapeutic massage to your plan of care, please contact Anna at: (802)733-1530 or

How to Contact Pathways to Peace and Healing

For the best massage in Manchester Vermont, you can reach out to Anna via phone at (802)733-1530 or visit her website and fill out the contact form. Anna will take great care of your and will either do a mobile massage at your home or AirBnB in the Manchester Vermont area or at her office located at 3556 Main Street in Manchester, Vermont.

Additionally, if you have friends or family who are living through the challenges of a cancer diagnosis in Vermont, she is able to give free massage through the non-profit organization The Hand to Heart Project. Reach out to discuss the details with her.

Who is calling Anna to get the best massage in Manchester Vermont? Let me know about your experience in the comments!

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