Winter in Lake Placid: 7 Wondrous Winter Activities & Things to do

Lake Placid has hosted the Winter Olympics twice and as a result, has become an amazing place for a winter getaway. Lake Placid in Winter has so many amazing activities and things to discover for the entire family. Here are just a few of my favorite things to do in Lake Placid in Winter.

Winter in Lake Placid

Visit John Brown Farm

Technically, the John Brown Farm State Historic Site is located in North Elba, New York, but it’s so close to Lake Placid I’m including it. It’s right behind the Ski Jump Complex and is a hidden in plain sight gem, especially in the winter.

John Brown was an abolitionist who was hanged after he and his followers assaulted the U.S. Arsenal in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia. They were trying to steal weapons for a planned mass liberation of slaves in the south. His home and barn still stand today and he is buried on site.

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There are also miles of trails to explore for hiking or snowshoeing. Sweet William took his cross country skis and had a great time. The trails are great for families with small children as they are flat and well maintained. This is a great place for a visit during winter in Lake Placid.

Visit the Lake Placid Olympic Museum

Lake Placid has played host to the Olympics twice, the first time in 1932 and again in 1980. The locals are so proud of their Olympic history, and if you want to know all about it stop by the Lake Placid Olympic Museum in downtown Lake Placid.

things to do in lake placid

The museum is full of multi-media exhibits and memorabilia. Discover the story behind the “Miracle on Ice” and walk through Olympic history.

On our last visit to the Adirondacks we went to the museum and while it isn’t very big, being a big fan of the Olympics I really enjoyed it. Buy your tickets in advance to make the whole experience run more smoothly on the Lake Placid Olympic Museum page.

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Zoom down the Bobsled Track

Every single time I go to Lake Placid this attraction is closed, but one day I will get to experience it!

As a 90’s kid I can practically recite the movie Cool Runnings for you line by line. The bobsled is one of my favorite Olympic events and I’ve always wanted to ride one!

Located at Mount Van Hoevenberg, the Sliding Center has hosted both the 1932 and 1980 Olympics and is the home of the first bobsled track in North America.

During the Bobsled Experience, riders can reach speeds of up to 55 miles per hour while zooming down this historic track. This alone makes it one of the best Lake Placid winter activities.

It is a thrill ride not many people get to experience and the second I do I’ll be updating this post with all the details.

Ice Skating at the Olympic Speed Skating Oval

Another Olympic activity is to do some outdoor skating on the Olympic speed skating oval. You don’t have to be an expert at skating to enjoy your time on the ice either. While the oval is pretty large skaters of all abilities are welcome to enjoy this track. This is a top winter in Lake Placid activity.

Skates can be rented at the ticket booth or you can bring your own. I recommend renting skates from the local shop, Locker Room 5. The prices are better and you can use the skates on the Olympic oval or on Mirror Lake. There is usually a spot cleared off on the lake right next to the town beach.

Grab a Beer at Lake Placid Pub and Brewery

I’m a beer fan. I’ll try any beer once and while I’ve had Lake Placid Brewery’s UBU Ale many times I wanted to try more of their beers. It didn’t take much convincing to get Sweet William inside.

Get a beer sampler while you’re there. You can get up to 10 different beers and they come served on a round slice of wood. I’ve never seen a flight served in this way before, so unique!

While you’re there grab some pub food, they have great burgers and enjoy the atmosphere!

The Wild Center

While this is more of a day trip, but I can’t recommend The Wild Center enough! Sweet William and I went there on our last trip to the Adirondacks and absolutely loved it!

things to do in lake placid

We were there in the winter and during COVID, so the inside was closed, but there is so much to do outdoors it didn’t matter. But we’ll definitely be visiting again when the interior is open.

We got to try ice fishing, kick sled, and explore their miles of trails. The WILD walk is beautifully made and has surprises around every corner. Make sure to walk all the way down to the river for amazing views of the mountains in the distance.

Winter in Lake Placid: Take a Ride down the Toboggan Chute

The Toboggan Chute is one of the best things to do in during winter in Lake Placid NY! It is a classic winter activity, open since the 1960s, the whole family will love.

You and up to 3 of your friends board a toboggan and slide down an ice-covered chute and slide on to Lake Placid’s Mirror Lake. When conditions are just right you could slide up to 1,000 feet!

The opening date depends on when Mirror Lake becomes safe to slide on. This is one of the few Lake Placid winter activities that is cash only. Additionally, it is only operated during good weather conditions, so plan accordingly. For pricing and more information, visit the Toboggan Chute website.

Did I miss one of your favorite Winter in Lake Placid activities? Let me know in the comments!

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