Easy Scavenger Hunt for Kids (For Indoors and Outdoors)

Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Scavenger hunts are an easy activity for kids and families. Not matter how long or short they are, everyone always has a good time. A scavenger hunt for kids is an activity you can do again and again and it’s never the same twice.

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How to Make your own Scavenger Hunt

When I worked at summer camp I would always have the girls make scavenger hunts for each other, and they loved it.

This can be for kids of all ages. The best scavenger hunt for kids is made by kids. Sometimes it gets weird and confusing, but as long as they’re having fun it doesn’t matter what they come up with.

All you need to do a scavenger hunt is a piece of paper and a pencil. From there it’s all about imagination. Feel free to set rules and boundaries per your house and family’s needs.

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Download an Inside Scavenger Hunt for Kids

For all of you stuck inside right now, I’ve put together an indoor scavenger hunt that’s easy for kids to do. There are also a few things on the list that have the kids help you out with a few things.

Click the link below to download and print the scavenger hunt.

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Download a Nature Scavenger Hunt

When you need to get outside, take this outdoor scavenger hunt and explore. Remember the more excited you are about an activity the more they’re going to want to do it!

If they have fun try out doing some nature bingo with them as well.

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