17 Free Disney World Souvenirs your Family will Love

Who doesn’t love free souvenirs? Let’s be honest, Disney World vacations are expensive. There’s really no way to get around it, so free souvenirs sound pretty great, don’t they? This list of free Disney World souvenirs has a few that you probably already know about and some others that we can keep as our little secrets, OK?

Free Disney World Souvenirs

Free Disney World Souvenirs throughout the Parks:


Who doesn’t love stickers? Over the years I’ve found cast members giving out stickers in all 4 for the parks at Walt Disney World. Kids love stickers and they can collect them from all the parks. They’re great to add to Disney Autograph books too!

Every time I take kids to Disney as a Nanny I always try and find stickers for them. I give them some and keep extras in my purse just in case I need to make them smile later. As you can see in this photo we put the stickers to good use.

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Celebration Buttons

This is one that almost everyone knows about. You can pick them up a Guest Services locations in all the parks and in some of the gift shops too.

No matter what you’re celebrating – a birthday, honeymoon, anniversary, first visit – you should take a few minutes to grab a celebration button. Wear them proudly every day when you’re exploring the parks to get noticed by cast members. Sometimes it ensures a little extra magic to your trip! That alone makes these the best Disney World souvenirs.

They also give out special buttons for holidays, limited-time events, and VolunEaring.

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Disney World can be expensive, but there are some free things you can take home with you. Here is a list of Free Souvenirs at Disney World!

Email Postcards and Certificates

There are several attractions at Disney World that allow guests to email postcards and certificates to friends and family.

My personal favorite is the postcard you can send from Mission Space after you’ve completed your mission. While I can’t find one of mine for the life of me, here is one a Disney fan shared on YouTube.

Mouse ears straws

During one of my last visits to Disney World as a Nanny we were eating at the Magic Kingdom and a cast member came over and gave all of us Mickey Mouse ear curly straws. It was such a great little touch of Disney magic. The kids still have them today. We use them when we make homemade milkshakes.

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When I was a kid I loved getting autographs from all my favorite Disney characters. Almost all of the characters in the parks sign autographs (some can’t because of their costumes). Whether you buy an autograph book in advance or you make your own Disney autograph book this is something your kids will adore doing in the parks and will make for great memories afterwards.

Disney PhotoPass Lenses

Ok to most of these you’ll need Genie+ for, so I’m going to say these are MOSTLY free as I recommend you get Genie+ for your Walt Disney World vacation. Anyway, there are a few PhotoPass Lenses that are always rotating, usually for new rides for promotion purposes, that are free at certain locations in the park.

To get the PhotoPass Lenses open the My Disney Experience App, go to the main menu, and click on Disney PhotoPass Lenses. You’ll be able to go through and see which ones are free and which ones you’ll need Genie+ for. These are super fun and are great ways to keep kids distracted during long wait times.

Park Maps

Park maps make a really fun free souvenir from Disney World. They’re available at all park entrances as well as guest services and select shops throughout the parks.

I’m a big fan of the maps for making fun crafts with after I go home. Here are a few examples:

Disney will be eliminating paper maps starting in 2024 so get them while you can. My guess is over time these will be collector’s items, so make sure you keep a few of them in one piece.

Disney Transportation Cards

This free Disney souvenir is super rare. I’ve been to Disney World dozens of times and while I’ve searched and searched I’ve never even seen them. This makes me want to find them even more!

Think of all the ways to travel around Disney World: Bus, Boat, and Monorail. Disney has created trading cards with all the ways to get around. Ask drivers and Captains when you’re going to the parks to see if they have any!

To learn more about Disney Transportation Cards and to see what they look like, check out this blog post.

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Drink Coasters

Various restaurants around Walt Disney World Resort have themed coasters. You can grab these and bring them home to use as a reminder of your amazing trip. While most restaurants and bars give out generic Walt Disney World coasters, if you make your way over to Oga’s Cantina you’ll find 5 different coasters. Try and get them all!

In 2022, at select restaurants around the WDW Resort they started giving out coasters with seeds in them so you can take them home and bring a little Disney magic to your garden!

Free Disney World Souvenirs: Magic Kingdom

Belle’s Enchanted Tales Bookmark

Have a little reader in the family that loves Beauty and the Beast? Head over to Enchanted Tales with Belle in Fantasyland. You’ll get to hear the story of how Belle and Beast fell in love, get a photo with the Princess herself, and receive a special bookmark to take home with you.

tales with belle

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Cards

The Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Scavenger Hunt is a free interactive game to play at the Magic Kingdom. To play stop by the Firehouse on Main Street USA to get a starter pack of magic spell cards and your special map.

Once your have the map and some spell cards you can begin your quest. Hades, Greek god of the Underworld from my personal favorite movie Hercules, is attempting to overtake Magic Kingdom with help from several other Disney Villains. You can play it each time you go to the parks if you didn’t finish and collect even more cards!

Not interested in playing the game? The cards make a great free Disney souvenir.

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Pirate Adventure Maps

Looking for another fun scavenger hunt? Head over to the Pirate’s Adventure headquarters located between Frontierland and Adventureland to participate in A Pirate’s Adventure – Treasures of the Seven Seas.

At headquarters you can pick up a treasure map and choose from 5 different adventures. Whether you do the scavenger hunt or not the maps make a great free souvenir at Disney World.

pirate adventures

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Free Disney World Souvenirs: Epcot

Kidcot Activities

In each of the Epcot International Pavilions there is a Kidcot Fun Spot where cast members from the countries share stories and fun activities for kids. This is one of the best things to do at Epcot with kids. Make and collect all the fun crafts!

From time to time Disney switches it up with different collectable items they give away. Sometimes it a passport, a tiny suitcase, stickers. This all depends on the sponsor for the activities.

You can find the Kidcot Fun Spots in the following locations:

  • Mexico Pavilion: near Mexico Folk Art Gallery
  • Norway Pavilion: The Puffin’s Roost
  • China Pavilion: near the exit of Reflections of China
  • Germany Pavilion: Volkunst
  • Italy Pavilion: outside La Bottega Italiana
  • American Adventure Pavilion: outside Art of Disney
  • Japan Pavilion: inside Bijutsu-kan Gallery
  • Morocco Pavilion: at Marketplace in the Medina
  • France Pavilion: at Souvenirs de France
  • United Kingdom Pavilion: at The Toy Soldier
  • Canada Pavilion: at the exit of Canada Far and Wide

Epcot Festival Passports

Epcot loves it’s festivals! No matter which Epcot Festival you’re attending you’ll need to pick up a Passport. While these won’t get you through airport security they’ll give you all the information you need to explore. The passports are full of all the different food kiosks and events for each festival. Grab one to bring home with you as a souvenir.

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Free Disney World Souvenirs: Animal Kingdom

Wilderness Explorer Field Journal

Visiting the Animal Kingdom not only gives you the opportunity to view some amazing animals it gives you the chance to become a Wilderness Explorer! Just like Russell from the Disney Pixar movie Up grab your Wilderness Explorer Handbook and start earning badges.

The 40-page Wilderness Explorer Handbook guides you around the park to visit stops to complete challenges. At each stop get a sticker to put in your book. Once you have all 31 stickers you’ll get a completion badge! Good luck explorers!

free disney souvenirs

Free Souvenirs from Disney World: Hollywood Studios

Jedi Diploma Certificate and Training Photos

What star Wars loving kid doesn’t want to be a Jedi? I know I do and I’m over 30! Unfortunately, Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple at Hollywood Studios is only for kids. *insert sad face here*

At Jedi Training kids will learn how to harness The Force and use a lightsaber to fight the Dark Side. They’ll get to take on opponents like Darth Vader and Kylo Ren to show off their skills. At the end, your Jedi Youngling will receive a certificate to take home. This great free souvenir at Disney World will show everyone that they’re ready to further their Jedi training.

Do you know of any other free Disney World Souvenirs? Let me know in the comments!

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